Schedule 2019

Mexico Dance Adventure (March 17-24, 2019)

Tentative Schedule:

  *Please Note:  The agenda below is merely a rough sketch.  Given the number of activities to choose from, the schedule may be changed according to the group's interests & what is available locally.  Our theme is "a little learning and a little play each day"


Sunday (March 17):  

  • For those flying in, plan to meet at the Puerto Vallarta airport between 1-4pm in order to coordinate our shuttle rides to Chacala. On the ride up, we will stop at the local shopping market for any food or supplies you may need.
  • Arrive at "Casa de Tortuga".  While official check-in is 4pm, feel to arrive sooner. If your room is not available you may still enjoy the amenities. 
  • Official Welcome, Orientation, & Introductions, 6:00pm-ish (depending on everyone's arrival times)
  • Walk into town for Welcome Dinner & Group Social, 7:00pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday  (March 18-20, 22-23):  

  • Morning Workshops with Ari, 10-12:00 (See dance topics list below)
  • Group Lunch & Socializing 
  • Adventure Activities or Time On Your Own (See adventure options below)
  • Dinner & Dancing (or other evening activities)

Thursday (March 21):  

  • Free Day: Enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, excursions, visiting nearby towns
  • [Optional]  Day Trip to Puerto Vallarta

Sunday (March 24):  

  • Sleep in.  Relax.  Pack. 
  • Last Meeting, Wrap-Up and Goodbye's (details TBA)
  • Optional group brunch (details TBA)
  • Check out.  Shuttle to airport.

*Note:  Because you will want to give yourself at least three hours to communte to and check in at the airlport in Puerto Vallarta, you may want to arrange your travel home on Sunday (March 24th) for late in the afternoon or early evening


Dance Workshop Options:

Our choices for daily dance topics are quite diverse, as are the levels (from beginning to advanced).  Much will be decided by the group on location.  Class topics may include, but are not be limited to: 

  • The Invisible Art of Dance Connection, Flow, & Energy
  • Secrets to Effortless Partnering
  • All Things Salsa (steps & combos, tricks, styling, connection, modern fusion)  
  • Romantic Rumba (steps & combos, styling, connection, modern fusion)
  • Fabulous Cha Cha (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • Fun with Merengue (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • The Art of Tango (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  •  Bachata Made Easy (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • Intro to Kizomba (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • Lifts, Dips, & Garnishes to embellish your repertoire
  • Musicality
  • A Taste of Swing (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • Mastering the Blues  (steps & combos, tricks, styling, modern fusion, etc)
  • Intro to Fusion (energy, flow, connection, and more)
  • Fun with West Coast Swing

Adventure Options:

Our choice of group activities, dining locations, cultural activities, etc, can be fairly flexible.  Much will be decided by the group on location.  Activities may include, but are not be limited to: 

  • Additional Specialty Dance Workshops & Classes, Extra Dance Practices
  • Swim, Sunbathe, Tennis, etc at the beautiful Chacala Villa Resort & Pools
  • Visit the fabulous Hot Springs!
  • Attend the "La Penita Market" (Thursday)
  • Hike the Historic Petroglyphs Trai
  • Take a Fishing Tour
  • Try Surfing
  • Enjoy some Snorkeling
  • Go Whale watching
  • Visit the Crocodile Farm
  • Acheological site visit
  • Hire a local fishing boat for a waterfront tour & visit to a private beach (+/- optional picnic)
  • Sayulita day trip for zip lining or surf school
  • Evening trip to disco in Sayulita or Gauyabitos.
  • Learn Spanish with a local tutor
  • Take a day trip to the artist's colony of Pueblo de San Pancho; volunteer at the Entre Amigos Community Center, or at the Cirque de Soleil Youth Program

Evening Dining & Dancing Options:

  • Acelas Rooftop Restaurant (dining & dancing)
  • Oceanfront Palapa (dining & dancing)
  • Mingos Oceanside Open Air Dance Floor  (Saturday is "posole" day!). 
  • Karlas Top Story Hot Spot (dance party with the locals!)
  • Mar de Jade Resort & Wellness Center (must this arrange in advance)

Enjoy the magic of Chacala, where you’ll find a unique, almost spiritual feel, with instant warmth and connectedness. It may just transform you! 

 CLICK HERE to see a news reel about Chacala. 

 CLICK HERE to read a blogspot about Chacala.


Our evening activity options can include a group dinner & dance at a different local venue for 4 or 5 of the nights.  Our actual itinerary will be decided by the group during the week:

* Tuesday:  A dance at Mingos, a simple open air restaurant which has a large polished concrete floor and is on the ocean.  They are famous for their Saturday posole day as well, so we might also combine a dance with that.   It’s in a visible spot so it's quite popular with the townsfolk. 

* Wednesday:  A town party at Villa de Tortugas; the top level is large enough for dancing, the party happens on the 2nd level.  Jae hosts one of these every time she is in town and they are always a hit, 50 – 100 people. We may offer a dance lesson as part of it...  

* Thursday: Dance at the weekly town gathering.  Karla, who has been very active in the town for many years, hosts a weekly gathering on Thursdays on her rooftop for anyone who is in town.  It's a great place it to meet locals, and dance.  The locals will love it too….

* Friday:  A dance on Acelas upper deck.  Open air with a palm palapa cover, this restaurant is on the beach, actually on the sand, like many others here.  We can do this dance with or without food or bar, it's outr option.  Their Sarendeado, a local speciality of BBqd fish, is considered the best in town and must be ordered in quantity so might be nice to have a small buffet.

* Saturday:  A dance at Mingos, a simple open air restaurant which has a large polished concrete floor and is on the ocean.  They are famous for their Saturday 'posole' day, so that should be fun. 

* Last Night Option:  Enjoy the "all-you-can-eat" dinner buffet & dancing at the beautiful Mar de Jade Resort. This has become a group tradition and a wonderful way to cap off a fabulous week of our stay in Chacala.  The resort is right on the beach, and boasts beautiful sunsets, exotic drinks, and delicious, organic meals, plus it's a really fun place to set up our music and dance the night away!