Bien Venido a Todos!

     Thank you for your interest in attending our upcoming "Mexico Dance & Adventure Retreat" from March 28th-April 4, 2020, in Chacala, Mexico.  Chacala, situated on the Pacific Coast of Mexico just above Puerto Vallarta, is a beautiful and tranquil locale in which to immerse yourself for a week of dance, play, exploration, food, & community.  With it's quaint "fishing villiage" resort town atmosphere, shops, restaurants, businesses, and beaches, it is not only a gem in the crown of Mexico's villiage resort towns, but also truly represents a wonderful microcosm of Mexican culture.

     This week, we are privileged to have Jae Gregory, the co-founder and designer of "Casa de Tortuga", join us for our Mexico retreat.  She is a wonderful resource for all things local in Chacala, and will be organizing our music and dance evenings in town.  What a special treat!

     Our "dance-adventure" program is a very unique concept, and quite different from other more traditional dance camps you may have attended.  It's the perfect marriage of bringing people together who not only love to dance, but who also love exploring new parts of the world in a small group setting, and in the company of fellow dance enthusiasts.  In Chacala, we'll be taking advantage of local music and culture, using it as a backdrop for new adventures, new experiences, and great dancing!  It's truly a Mexican 'dance-adventure"!

     In our dance classes, which will only take up a small portion of the day, our intention is to explore Latin dance themes (of course, this can change based on group consensus when we get there.  This is the beauty of having a small group to work with where we can easily tailor the agenda to the desires of the participants!)

     The rest of our day will be spent doing some kind of fun group activity.  You can see a list of the kinds of activites available to us at the bottom of our schedule page.

     In the evenings, we will be venturing out for dining & dancing in the local communities.  Jae knows the area well and will be arranging our evening agenda with the local restauranteurs and community members.  We'll also have one day free for a deeper exploration of the region -- ie, traveling to Puerto Vallarta, visiting other nearby towns or villiages, or simply relaxing and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of this beautiful coastal setting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This will be a fabulous week, with lots of fun connecting, dancing, & learning!  I hope you can make it.  Plase feel free to invite the members of your dance community to attend, as well as anyone else you feel might enjoy a unique experience like this!  


  • CLICK HERE to learn more about the resort town of Chacala
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about getting to Chacala, 
  • CLICK HERE to learn more about our retreat venue, the "Casa de Tortugas" (from 2019, but not where we'll be in 2020)
  • CLICK HERE to look at our tentative schedule for the week (from 2019, but similar to what we'll do in 2020)