Corona Virus Update

Corona Virus Update
Letter from Jae Gregory

Hello Dancers!!! 


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we wanted to provide everyone an update on what we are doing to ensure the safety of all for our upcoming Mexico Dance Adventure.  In cases like this, transparency is important, and we plan to include you in our thought processes.


As a contingency for these uncertain times are preparing for the possibility that as the situation evolves Dance Week may still need to be postponed for the safety of all.  With such a fluid situation, we have to be flexible and protective of guests well-being, as well as mindful of risks of travel. 


As we continue to plan to attend, it will be more important than ever for us to be vigilant about our health and hygiene.   We want all of our dancers -- and our families -- to stay healthy. 


Suggested Travel precautions to start now:

·    We will have our own private villas and compound at the Chacalitas Villa Resort where we can easily isolate with our fellow dance pod members. Most of our actives (including all dance class, meals, and R&R) will be outside and in the open air 

·     Everyone should take precautions now to prevent exposure to coronavirus before the trip. 


·     If you haven’t already, please strongly consider getting a Covid-29 vaccine and a flu shot so you’re protected from both Covid and from the regular flu virus.


·     Please be aware that although we are here to make your trip more pleasant, ultimately you travel at your own risk.  If you have underlying health conditions that make exposure exceptionally risky for you, consider postponing this trip. 


·     We would ask that everybody would consider getting personal contingency plans in place, including trip insurance which includes emergency medical options in the unlikely event something happens to cause illness or injury. For ultimate preparedness, have a plan for what would happen if for some reason you might have to stay in Mexico for a time.  In addition to sitting on the beach and drinking margaritas.


·     For those in Covid-19 hotspots, if there's any possibility you may have had exposure, please get tested beforehand. 


·     We ask that all attendees observe the highest level of hygiene and travel precautions in airports and on planes.  Bring wipes and sanitizer gel for the airport.  As a reminder to not touch your face and be sure to wear a mask while flying and in the airport.


Group Contingency plans:

In addition to offering guidance on our own individual protections, we will communicate a collective group contingency plan prior to the trip.  We want the entire group to be comfortable with the plan and collective actions, so please offer your feedback and suggestions, especially if you’ve traveled under similar conditions or are in the medical field.

We will enroll in the State Department's STEP program for all of us.  Here is a link in case you’re unfamiliar.

Local resources for us while in Mexico:

There is a clinic just up the road from where we are staying that has a doctor a few days a week.  There is a hospital/clinic in La Penita, 30 minutes away.  In a real emergency, there are hospitals in San Pancho, 1 hour away, and a new, well-liked hospital in Bucerias, 1 1/2 hours away. 


One of our Dancers is an ER doctor and 2 are nurses, we are reaching out to see if they are willing to help out short term in the event of an emergency.  Are there any others of you in the health care industry?


We will have basic meds and first aid on hand. 


Suggestions of items to bring:

Zinc lozenges, protective face masks, an anti-mucus agent like mucinex, powerful cough syrup, cough drops


We would love to hear your thoughts on these changes to our Mexico Dance Adventure – which is now a bit more adventurous.



Muchas gracias,


Jae ("Monica" while in Mexico) Gregory and Ari Levitt

Dance Week -  Marina Chacala

Chacalia, Nayarit, Mexico 63715


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